Elan is a direct seller of injection moulding machines and other equipment of SANSHUN company which has 25 years of experience on the injection moulding market.

Sanshun offers machines with the clamping force from 48 to 3600 T, warranty of 1 year and post warranty service with a fast access to the spare parts. There is also a possibility to choose the language of PLC.

Sanshun injection moulding machines are based on the parts like:

  • Siemens, Schneider (navigation and electronics)
  • Miller, Nordson (hydraulic valves)
  • Vickers, Juken (hybraulic pumps)

G Series

The latest generation of servomotor does not consume the energy while cooling saving costs between 40 to 80%

V Series

The latest generation of pumps automatically regulate energy consumption depending on machine usage. It enables savings between 20 to 40%

The offer also includes:

  • incjection moulds (discount in case of ordering both the mould and the machine)
  • additinal equipment such as:
    • crushers,
    • autoloaders,
    • hopper dryers,
    • coolers